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Welcome to the Sea Breeze
Water District


400 Seneca Road
Rochester, New York 14622

NOTE: The next regularly scheduled meetings of the Commission will be held on Monday, September 18th, 2017 at 4:00 p.m. at the Water Office, 400 Seneca Road


The Sea Breeze Water District has always prided itself on outstanding customer service. We strive to provide the highest quality water at a reasonable & competitive cost.


Water Payments


Payments can now be made online. Click here for more information


Please read your meter

When you receive your meter read card in the mail please read your meter immediately and either call in your reading or write your reading down on the card provided for you and mail it back to our office. Eliminating estimated reads will cut costs and allow you to budget your water bill appropriately.

Effective 8/15/2010, an estimated Read Fee of $25.00 will be charged if the District does not obtain an actual read each billing period. If you cannot read your meter and you wish to be put on a Special Read List, or simply need help locating your meter, please call our office at (585) 467-6341 and our Billing Clerk can assist you.